Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions which will help you to understand ROUND FEED easier

YES we have one android mobile application and you can directly download by follwing link

NO we don't have any iPhone application available

Round Feed is an application that helps you take your customer's opinion/feedback and custom survey (we call Auto Feed) about your product and service. Round Feed makes you available with a real time analysis on the basis of feedback and generates a report in the form of chart and graph that the business owner can use to strategize and strengthen his business resulting growth.

If customer gives you low rating or bad review at that time you can send SMS or eMail using our web portal so that customer can retain with you

After successfuly registration with Round Feed you will get SMS & eMail of secret token id on registered mobile number and eMail. then you need to download android moible application and install it in your gadget. Open round feed application, first it will ask to enter secret token id, enter 8 characters logn secret token id and click on "Continue" button to login.

YES you can select feedback/survey questions as per your requirement

YES you can make your own survey/feedback from using Auto Feed and you can take feedback from other customer

YES you can make your own survey/feedback from using Auto Feed and you can take feedback from your customer

YES you can send SMS and eMail to your customer. Even you can send SMS and eMail to other customers too

YES you have to purchase SMS package to send

NO you can send email free

YES you can do marketing or promotion to your customer using SMS and eMail

It will be very easy to use round feed application in whole. The application will be installed on the device and the business owner can simply present the same to his customer asking to share his/her opinion. For example, the questionnaire will be available and the customer would only need to do selection of his choice from the options. Moreover business owner/manager will be provided with a User and Password to access the application management system on our website portal where he/she can manage and check the reports etc.

NO there will be no limitation as such

YES you can download customer data in .csv file