Here is outstanding excellent good features of ROUND FEED

Our slogan is "Start listening to customer"

Best Analytical Tool For Your Reputed Business

Android Application

Collect data using Mobile, Phablet and Tablet application

Multi Lnaguage Support

Survey availabe in "ENGLISH", "हिंदी" and "ગુજરાતી" language.

Survey Question Choice

You will have choice to select questions for survey

SMS On Survey

You will get sms on each survey


You will have full dashboard access

Weekly Status Report

Weekly status report is a summary of all work done during a week

eMail/SMS Survey

Create your own survey and send email/sms to customer automatically

Monthly Status Report

Monthly status report is a summary of all work done during a current month

Set Multiple Branch

You can set Multiple Branchand and take individual report

Comparison With Others

You can compare your report with others (only data)

Ease To Find Un-Happy Customer

Single click to find un-happy customer list

Customer Complaint

Turning an un-happy customer into a happy customer

Complaint SMS

You will get immediate sms on complaint

Complaint Management

Ease to manage complaint on single click

Performance Chart

Monthly and Weekly performance chart display

Single Click SMS

You can send sms to customer on single click

Single Click eMail

You can send email to customer on single click

Marketing/Promotional SMS & eMail

You can send marketing/promotional SMS & eMail to selected customer